About Us

The Node Collection was born out of a desire by former architect, David Rozek, to create a wall planter for his favorite plant, the Staghorn Fern. The available options were limited and included only wooden lattice or wood planks to mount this plant to the wall. David was interested in finding a more modern and clean solution to fit his aesthetic and when he could not find anything, he decided to create his own.

In 2016, David enrolled in a ceramics class at a local art center and it was there where he created his first prototype for The 12” Node, designed specifically to house a Staghorn Fern in a more elegant way that also was conducive to the plants growth. Because this specific plant thrives in the crevices of trees, David looked up for inspiration. He drew his inspiration for the shape and the curves of his design from the junction on a tree where the branch extends out from the trunk - Known as The Node.

In conjunction with his time at the art center, David also joined a makerspace in Philadelphia that gave him access to some pretty high-powered machines. Given his architectural background, he was able to digitally model his design. It was at this makerspace where he was able to create the Node form by utilizing computer-aided manufacturing by way of a CNC router, which he was then able to use to create the ceramic prototype. Because the initial size Node was digitally modeled, the size of it could be scaled up or down and David soon began to realize the larger possibilities of his idea.

In mid-2017, The Node Collection consisted of five sizes and by the end of 2017, David left the art center to start his own business and ceramic manufacturing facility. All Nodes are handcrafted at his Pandemic Design Studio , Bridgeport, PA facility using high-quality ceramic stoneware slip which is high fired in the kilns to provide better quality and more durable product that will last a lifetime.

David is proud of the fact that the materials used are sustainable, the finished product is used for sustainable practices, and his labor and production model helps to build and support sustainable local economies and communities.

Humble in its beginnings and born out of a lack of options, The Node Collection has become the benchmark for luxury design sculptural wall planters and custom plant walls that are enjoyed by a domestic and international clientele in projects ranging from a few Nodes to hundreds.


A Note From Our Founder

Design has the power to tell a story, the story of us as a civilization. It can change our moods and effect our emotions. Design lets us stand out and is individualized. It has the ability to make us feel special or important - even if maybe we aren’t. Design gives us something to ponder and lets us dream of the possibilities of tomorrow.

I have to have a great deal of gratitude for the many generations of designers, professors, and trades people who came before me who incrementally built our collective skills and cumulatively opened up minds to get to where we are today. It is because of them that I am able to design the way I do today.

Wall planters are not a new invention but the idea has been raised a few levels in form, function, and purpose. An experiential sculptural living plant wall harking back in style to past generations of High Modernism, The Node Collection tells the story of me, my design sensibilities, what I dreamed up, and what I learned how to make.

Our ceramic planters meaningfully change how a space feels in ways others do not, cannot, and have not. They invoke a kind of childish curiosity and intrigue as one moves about them. I still feel special standing in front of a Node plant wall because there is just nothing else like it. It is a special landscape to behold.

I hope that you have the opportunity to enjoy what I have created and my contribution to the design community.

Thank you, David

See How Our Planters Are Made

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Designed and hand crafted in the USA

Proudly Made in the USA High-Fired Ceramics Patented Design Indoor/Outdoor